Hat West

So NatWest have been running a campaign, 'SatWest', to promote that they're open on a Saturday. Even though it is fairly obvious that a service company like a bank would open on one of the few days when the majority of its customers have time to go in, at least they're doing it, so fair play to them.

However, although it's catchy, it could be potentially limiting if they're just thinking of using promotions that rhyme with 'Nat'. Okay, maybe they could do 'VatWest' - very topical, but after that it gets a bit more tenuous, here's a couple of thoughts...

CatWest - The bank gives a free cuddly cat toy to comfort people who are having their houses repossessed.

BatWest - Giving a free baseball ball to people popping in to open a new account - although it could cause a bit of confusion between new customers and bank robbers, which might be a problem.

HatWest - this is our favourite, survive the cold, bleak winter with a high interest savings account and a Russian-style hat made from real fake rabbit skin.

So here it is - HatWest...

NatWest, if you're reading this, you can have this idea for free, no worries. Consider it our gift to you.

Ahh, it feels good to give.

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  1. How about ShatWest? Works on many levels, as they say.


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