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Whenever I read the ad-tabloid Campaign, the first thing I always turn to is On The Campaign Couch... With JB. Jeremy Bullmore is a voice of good sense, reason and straight talking, that is sadly missing from much of the advertising business today.

In last week's column, someone asked the question "A Creative Director beat the best planners in London to win Campaign's Battle of Big Thinking. Does this worry you?"
Now, some of the questions to JB are daft, but this one is particularly stupid.
And thankfully JB's answer didn't let me down.
A couple of snippets:
"It doesn't worry me. Neither does it suprise me. If anything, it reassures me.
There is little more ridiculous, and little more likely to inhibit the emergence of outstanding advertising, than the relay-race model beloved of some agencies."

"The best creative people are instinctive, practiced planners - and should be encouraged to plan."
Well, I could not agree more, as regular readers might have realised from my earlier post: In The Ghetto (The Creative Ghetto That Is).

The best advertising comes from talented, stregically smart creative people, and savvy account people willing and able to dissect a client's business and it's objectives, working together.
It's simple.
It worked for years producing excellent, effective advertising.
Yet for some reason, accross the industry it's being overtaken by a bunch of pseudo-scientific, process-driven bullshit.

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