TDR Flyers

Last week one of the best known design agencies in the UK closed it's doors. The Designers Republic. For a generation of young designers they were an inspiration and the reason they became designers. I was one of them. Since my teenage years I have collected flyers and the old Gatecrasher flyers designed by TDR are still firm favourites. A lot of flyers are crap but some are good, really good and worth collecting. Once you get a decent pile of them it makes for a nice bit of reference. Which leads me to this. An online library of old rave flyers. Brilliant.

NB: I've just discovered that TDR still have their old website archived here. There's a ncie collection of their posters in there under retail therapy too.

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  1. Sad news about TDR, but I have heard they they will be starting up again in the future, but smaller and in a different guise!


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