Corporate Diversity: The Book, Not The Management Speak

Corporate Diversity: Swiss Graphic Design and Advertising by Geigy, 1940-1970 is absolutely crammed full of great posters, brochures, packaging and advertising.

The Swiss company Geigy made huge contributions to international design history throughout the 50's and 60's, their work was incredibly simple, graphic and iconic, often compared with the graphic styles and creative genius of brands like Olivetti and Braun.

There really are so many great pieces in this book, it's hard to pick only a few to show.

Corporate Diversity is published by Lars Müller Publishers in association with Museum für Gestaltung Zuurich and can be purchaased here.

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  1. So much better than the durge of annual reports! Lets hope the credit crunch menas design can be sold once again to corporates instead of the bland!


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