New England football kit

Football & fashion. It's not often that those two things work well together but kit makers Umbro have pulled out all the stops with the launch of the stylish new England strip.

Umbro have gone back to the roots of classic English tailoring to create a classic, bespoke kit for the England team with the help of tailor Charlie Allen. You can find out more about the whole thing here on the Umbro website.

There's some nice touches there; the Umbro logo evolution as the loading bar for one, the hand lettered "Tailored by England" logo, above, and the specially commissioned series of images representing what it means to be English. You can see more of these here.

Oh and if you are in the Shoreditch area there is the oh-so fashionable "pop up store" to go and visit.

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  1. Nice typography on the 'Tailored by...' it's good to see football embracing classic design.


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