Royal Mint Olympic 50 Pence Piece Design Competition Entries

The design work associated with the 2012 Olympics has not exactly set the world on fire so far. So when we heard that the Royal Mint was holding a competition to find designs for the Olympic fifty pence piece, we thought rather than just continually taking the piss from the sidelines, we'd get involved.

The task was to take any of twenty-seven events listed and design a face for the coin based on it. It's an interesting medium to design in, the added dimension of the relief and the possible use of texture is quite interesting.

Coin designs traditionally have a more illustrative feel, so something that we were keen to do was use simple, clean designs with 'white space' and differently textured areas and different heights - something that you don't see that much, but can look really strong when done. Also, using the relief in a more graphic way, if you follow me. (The designs had to include the 2012 logo and the 50 Pence type in the sizes and positions shown). We've entered the ten designs shown here. Nice one to Ryan for his excellent work on them.


  1. NIce work - I love the basketball one, such a simple idea, executed really well. That one definitely gets my vote.

  2. Some cool designs - goodluck!

  3. Hi, seems like we are competing in a few categorizes. Everyone had the same idea for the basketball one, i've seen 4 like that now. my designs can be found here, post yours on this forum if you want :)


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