El mas Santo

This Lucha Libre inspired art project has deservedly gained a bit of a following. The El mas Santo project created by a Polish art student was set to spice up the streets of Poland, or in other words, to 'juxtapose the world of Mexican wrestlers with the grey and sad reality of the Polish streets'. Anyway, 200 tiny Mexican wrestler figurines were created and placed on the streets, giving people the opportunity to interact with the project. The idea caught on and little Luchadores started showing up all over the shop.

You can view photos of the little warriors found in various destinations around the globe on the site here. If you happen to see a mini Luchadore be sure to take a photo and send it to the El mas Santo project and pass it on.

We like things everyone can get involved in and can't think of anything nicer than seeing fierce little Luchadores dotted around these streets. They might just put a smile on some of the po faces of the oh-so-fashionable types round here. 

Eyes peeled... 

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