Meet Terry

Terry is the frontman/dinosaur in this film produced over the weekend by Ryan, Emma and one of their mates for the Cannes Young Lions Competition. They had 48 hours from brief to deadline to write and make a film up to 60 seconds long, and post it up on yootoooobe.

I had a look at the brief myself, and it was incredibly complicated, so fair play to anyone (like these lot) who made it into something simple with a clear call to action.

There are loads of entries, hats off to everyone who entered, there are loads of excuses you can make not to do something like this, but actually doing something is the important bit.
Best of luck with it.

Have a watch, and pass it on to your friends. Oh and maybe sign the Copenhagen Summit Petition while you're at it.


  1. Congrats guys on getting it finished and uploaded in time - it's really funny. Goodluck! J x

  2. Yes! Watch the others, too :D There are really some amazing films which are done in 48 hours.


  3. This is funny but still gets a serious point across. Nice straightforward call to action... I've seen a few of the Young Lions entries scattered about the blogs and creatives asking for votes on Facebook but I think this is the best I've seen!


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