The Best Weekend Of The Year

Yes, it's that time of year again.
When all of the twattish, bullshit-talking, flip-flop-in-the-city-wearing media-numpties that you normally spend your life avoiding, schlep down to the muddy fields of Glastonbury, to ruin what without them might have been a perfectly nice festival, in an attempt to ease some of their self-loathing and try to convince themselves that they're still cool.

Leaving the rest of us to have a grand old, numpty-free weekend.

If only they'd drink the cool-aid while they're there...


  1. There's probably more self-loathing in your post than in any of the festival attendees you despise. That's what comes from working in Shoreditch Victor Meldrew.

  2. ha ha, it does read like that a bit, but what you can't see is my gleeful smile.
    Enjoy Glastonbury, anonymous commenter.

  3. The reason it rains every year is because the rest of the country is praying for it.

  4. So true. Plus the guardian is Glastonbury-tastic this morning - that proves the point. It's so nice in London today.

  5. Oh God, it must have been simply awful to see the Guardian like that when you popped out to get your organic legumes and pumpkin bread.

  6. What about that glasto lineup though? Just embarrassing...

  7. One of our "from" London account guys is wearing flips flops with jeans today.
    We are in Scotland , its rainy. Fail.


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