The Ice Poll

Yep, you guessed it. It's top five time. 

Last week's top 5 saw a flurry of ice lolly fueled comments and this got us thinking about what our top five ice lollies would be. 

Whittling it down to just five was no easy task, so we donned our white lab coats and conducted extensive research throughout the week. 

The excessive fridge raiding at our local dusty shop and daily taste tests have taken their toll on our waistlines but allowed us to skip down memory lane, as we remembered some beloved long lost classics that you just can't seem to find these days (if anyone can get their mitts on a Lyons Maid Haunted House lolly please let us know).

So without any further ado we present...

1. The Kingly Fab 

2. Magnum (P.I.) White 

3. Feast 

4. Lyons Maid Haunted House (the underdog)

5.  The cider lolly

Other contenders that were pipped to the post are the 'push-up lolly', Polly Pineapple and Fat Frog (Irish classics, apparently), Calippo, Nestle's Mivvi, Twister, Cornetto, Nobbly Bobbly and Walls Funny Feet. Stiff competition.

Let us know if we've missed any mighty warriors off our list (any excuse for more ice cream based research).


  1. Nice selection - glad to see white Magnum made the cut, it's my favourite!

  2. The cider lolly was know down in the west country as the 'Cider Barrel'. I was telling one of my london mates about it the other week, and he couldn't believe that they made a cider lolly for kids, "Only in Devon" ee said (bless). I think it was called Cider Quench in other parts of the country, correct me if i'm wrong, which i think is a much better name. Anyway it was top lolly and introduced me to the idea of alcohol being quite nice at an early age. Zooms were quite good as well, what with being rocket shaped and all that, where were they on the list? 6th?

  3. Nice ices. Here's a joke for your stick:

    Why don't they do jokes on lolly sticks anymore?


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