The Substance Of Style

Over at Sell! Towers we're ardent fans of Wes Anderson's work and think these video essays, courtesy of Matt Zoller Seitz (via Moving Image Source), are tip top.

Each video essay in this five-part series offers an in-depth take on Anderson's influences and style. Although the vignettes can sometimes be a little dry and academic in places they really are very interesting - a real labour of love, and elegantly draw reference to Schulz - PEANUTS, Welles, Truffuat and Salinger. 

If you find yourself at a loose end over the weekend and have a spare ten minutes or so then we recommend filling your noodle with rich and intriguing Anderson facts. Just click here to do so.

NB Episode five, an annotated version of The Royal Tennenbaums, is a particular delight. 

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