CBS Creative Challenge Winners Announced

Friday was the final of the CBS Creative Challenge. Congratulations to CHI who won with their T-side for Anchor. Well done. A big Sell! Sell! thanks to the team at CBS for inviting us and running the competition, it was fun to be a part of.

The winner...

And a big thanks also to everyone who took a moment of their precious time to vote for one of our entries. Ta!...

You can see the final results here.


  1. I can't believe the Fentimans one didn't get through - that was hands down the most creative and best entry!

  2. Thanks Delicious, so kind. We liked it. But we would say that.

  3. What shocked me was that 'room up top' drivel coming 2nd

  4. Hey!Look carefully at those photos... Amongst the various bipeds aimlessly trundling along, only some balding- headed-men have noticed the ads! I've seen this phenomenon occurring before. Balding-headed-men like buses!
    There must be some real marketing potential in that! :0)


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