TERRI TIMELY, aka Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey, have created some super shorts, ads and music videos. 

We spotted 'Synesthesia' - a short film created by these guys, over at Collectiva's blog. It's totally nuts, but by gum it's good. With superb art direction and general weirdness from start to finish involving a family of synesthetes, this captivating piece really shows off their talents. The stills we've taken from it (as shown above) don't really do it much justice, you've got to watch it and listen to its toons to truly experience it in all its glory. For optimal viewing pleasure please click here.

Their site is packed full of brilliant stuff. Very, very inspiring. One to keep on the radar.

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  1. Nice work, I really like the one of the cat coming out of the speaker - that is either a very big speaker or a very small cat!