From Friday, More Sell! Sell! Work In Progress...

We had another great shoot on Friday with our friends at Gas & Electric, making the latest in the Knock-Off Nigel campaign. A good day with some fantastic performances from a really good cast. Thanks everyone. More coming soon.


  1. nice work guys - can't wait to see the finished piece!

  2. Personally, I think it's flawed - that is, if the idea is to encourage people to make social pariahs of people who sell dodgy DVDs? It's like the classic South Park episode where the policeman takes the kids on a tour of Lars Ulrich's house to show them that because they downloaded a Metallica track, Lars can't afford a gold plated swimming pool until next year. Who cares if people rip-off big multi-million dollar companies? Maybe Middle England, and I doubt they fnd themselves in environments where they're offered 'knock-off' goods. But good luck to you, I love your ethos and other work. Fin.

  3. Anonymous commenter, thanks for your thoughts.
    "Who cares if people rip-off multi-million dollar companies?"
    Answer: No-one (apart from the said multi-million dollar companies).
    Which is exactly the thinking behind the Knock-Off Nigel campaign.
    It's not a rational argument.
    It's about what people/society see as being acceptable behavior.
    The idea isn't necessarily to get people to make social pariahs of people who sell dodgy DVDs, that's a tough ask for advertising.
    But rather to put buying/downloading dodgy films in the context of other dubious behavior. To forget the legal side of things, or the 'who loses?' argument, and make it about 'is this the kind of thing I am happy doing?' and 'am I happy being this kind of person?'
    Two years worth of tracking research (so far) show that it is affecting behavior, not just attitudes.

  4. Well that's me put back in my box. (I suspected you'd put up a robust defence). Good day to you Sir.

  5. I had the song from the first ad stuck in my head for ages! Good stuff.


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