Nuffield Health Smart Guides

Over the past year we've been doing some work with the healthy people at Nuffield Health to help them promote their new chain of Fitness & Wellbeing Centres (health clubs to you and I).
We came up with the umbrella idea of Smart Health as a start-point to bring together all of the different parts of their health business, and to help explain their innovative services and other fancy-pants stuff that normally gets turned into jargony jargon .

Anyhow, we thought we'd share with you a small part of that - the Nuffield Health Smart Guides. We created them to help Nuffield Health members with simple, helpful advice on different health & wellbeing-related subjects, in way that talks to them like normal folk in a friendly way. The guides themselves are small, pocket-sized booklets...

Here are a few pages...

You can download the guides yourself here. And turn yourself into a picture of health and goodliness.


  1. Some of the best copy i've read in a long while.

  2. Most kind, anonymous commenter.
    Clearly you have impeccable taste.

  3. It ain't bad - but I'd have had more girls in it. That's they way I am!

    If you really want to know what advertising's all about, check my blog. It's from the client side - and that's the right side!

  4. Dave, you sound like a bit of knob! and i dont find your blog very interesting, its rather strange.

  5. Ha ha, Dave, your blog certainly has a certain 'something'.

  6. good shit lads, especially the stop smoking one. Feels like a company that actually gives an arse about your well being.

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    I am not a knob. I'm Dave Knockles, a Marketing Director. And the only reason you find my blog strange is because you don't understand the high level of marketing knowedge being dished out there.

    Sell! Sell! can see it - they said my blog has a 'certain something'. How's that for praise? It doesn't get any higher!

    By the way, that 'certain something' is insight - like my top 10 tips for handling an agency. Read and learn!

  8. Cheers Ben & James, the smoking one was actually the hardest one to write, given all the crap written about it and the constant badgering that smokers get to stop. So we wanted to make it more useful than that.

    Dave Knockles, don't take it to heart. You're obviously a man with instinctive marketing savvy and unique people management skills.


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