One man and his puppet

This week we've picked our top five puppet-based comedy double acts. 

In the running and in no particular order we've got...

1. Rod Hull & Emu

2. Matthew (or Harry) Corbett & Sooty 

3. The Ultimate - Phillip Scoffield & Gordon the Gopher

4. Keith Harris & Orville

5. Bodger & Badger

If we've missed any gruesome two-somes off our list do let us know.

Previous Top 5 Tuesdays include:


  1. That Rod and Emu clip is classic!

  2. Bob Carolgees and Spit the Dog - turn the volume down a bit - the levels are wrong on this clip

    Roger DeCourcey and Nookie Bear

  3. I think the real double act was sooty and sweep, NOT CORBETT. I hate when people give credit to matthew and not to sweep. As has been well documented sooty and sweep, have more cultural significance than lennon/mccartney, jagger/richards, etc.

    In fact to call them a comedy double act is a bit disrespectful.

    I have a lot of time for your blog, but this time you've gone too far.

    anyway izzy,wizzy,lets get busy.

    from steven qua.

  4. Anonymous poster, you are far too grumpy to be the Stephen Qua that we know and love. We'll have to assume that you're some kind of crank caller with an axe to grind. We have put our people on to it.

  5. what are you talking about...?
    no Roland Rat?
    I'm sorry - your credibility shot to pieces now.
    Disappointed of Walden


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