Esquire Ricky Gervais Cover Reprises Classic

This months cover of the UK Esquire magazine recreates the original, iconic The Passion of Muhammad Ali cover with a jokey shot of Ricky Gervais by Rankin. The original, absolutely classic cover (below) was conceived by George Lois and shot by Carl Fischer in 1968.

By the way, if anyone ever spots an original Esquire with the Sonny Liston santa cover for sale, please let me know.


  1. The original is a great cover and I like the spoof, RIcky Gervais version - he just doesn't look as great in the shorts though!

  2. I love the little men dancing on the barcode.

    Nice touch.

  3. Yes, but whatever happened to the days when a magazine cover photo didn't have to be so crowded by text?

  4. I agree jimgrey. It's hard to beat the simplicity of the single image and/or line on the cover. Those old George Lois covers worked like posters on the newsstand. No one would make a poster that looked like a modern magazine cover. Well they might, I suppose, but it would be a pretty rubbish poster.


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