Fentimans Radiogram Commercials

We've just produced some radio commercials for the delightful Fentimans. I do like radio as a medium, because it's very pure - it exposes everything - tone of voice, writing, etc. You can't hide behind natty art direction or an interesting film technique in radio.

Anyway, this is the first time that Fentimans have been on the radio, so finding their voice and style was a good challenge. We wanted to communicate some good, tangible information about the unique way that the drinks are made and what they taste like, but at the same time, give people a feel for Fentimans. And importantly, we wanted to make something that stood out from the usual anarchy and wall-of-noise that is the radio commercial break. You, our fine reader, can listen to them here first...





  1. I like the Ads, nice, simple, sound funny, good tone etc. but unfortunately i have never heard of Fentimans before (Maybe i've been out of England for too long). Either-way, i haven't encountered it at all on my returns.
    Wouldn't it have been better to clearly explain what Fentimans was and establish its name? That way whenever people were on there way to the supermarket they would have at least thought of it when walking down the aisle. For all i know it actually sounds like an insurance brand, property seller or funeral arranger. Like i said these ads seem nice and funny, but after just listening once i can't remember what they were about... sorry just being honest.

  2. Quick review.
    'News' is fantastic.
    The other two don't quite hit that high spot but are good nonetheless.
    That's my opinion.
    Take it or leave it.

  3. They work for me, though I agree the news one is the better than the other two. Don't agree with Bez though, I think they do a good of establishing the name and explaining what the drinks are. Just my two pee.

  4. Great choice of voiceover talent. Refreshing to hear somebody that isn't Stephen Fry or Stephen Merchant.

  5. Wonderful. And some excellent writing too. Dialogue and pace need to be almost lyrical in radio and these are bang on. Warm, whimsical, and very, very English.

    Nice one.


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