We decided to spook ourselves a bit today, to get us in the mood for Halloween this weekend, by making this week's top five our top five horror flicks. The films that make us quiver whilst hiding behind the sofa cushions. The most gruesome of gruesome. The scariest of the lot, well to us anyway. 

So without further ado, and in no particular order, we've got ...

1. Shining (film posters only, we're far too scaredy cat for clips)

2. Salem's Lot (bit of a left fielder but terrifying nonetheless)

3. The Omen

4. The Exorcist

5. And, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (gulp)

If we've missed any chilling films off our top five then let us know, but remember we scare easy.


  1. Don't Look Now.
    Night of the Hunter (not strictly horror admittedly).
    Children of the Corn.
    Hammer House of Horror "Two Faces of Evil".
    (Not a film but Salem's Lot is a TV mni-series eh.)
    The Devil Rides Out.
    Magic (Anthony Hopkins).
    Nightmare on Elm St
    The Haunting in Connecticut.
    Friday 13th.
    I could go on...

  2. Halloween
    Amytiville Horror
    Blair Witch Project (debatable but if you really concentrate on it...)


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