The albums they should have picked...

Since posting the Royal Mails new album cover stamps yesterday we've been having a bit of a discussion about it, and a few of our readers have too. We reckon there are only 2, (maybe 3) covers that have a right to be in that set. So, we have selected a shortlist of 16 above that we reckon are far more iconic and culturally relevant than the selection below. Feel free to chip in with any others you think are worth a shout.

NB: We limited ourselves to 2 Beatles/2 Rolling Stones/2 Pink Floyd covers each. They could've made up the ten between them.


  1. this is Hardcore? Surley Diferent Class would be the Pulp album. although I like the idea of the queens head on some porn. And what about The Queen Is Dead!?

  2. Way better selection, much more iconic. Think I would have added a Malcom Garrett, Buzzcocks one in there too.

  3. Go2 has a great cover, but if you were picking an XTC album it wouldn't be that one, surely? It's worse than Mummer. Skylarking or Drums and Wires maybe?

  4. Old ladies licking the back of Sticky Fingers...

    Ooooh, Beryl, have you had a lick of this?

    Oooohh, Enid, I feel the first creepings of moisture returning to my long dessicated fishpipe.

    Me too. Let's lick another one.

  5. Lose the wall and that spiritualized album and replace them with Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures and The Velvet Underground's Andy Warhol and you might have a case.


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