Long Is The New Bullshit? Or Great Satire?

I like to keep up with being behind the times.
So as I was taking my morning constitutional yesterday, I was leafing idly through advertising's favourite self-indulgent tabloid Campaign from a few weeks weeks ago. I was stopped immediately by the 'Private View' review by Jon Williams who, it says here, is the Chief Creative Officer of Grey London.

In the review he talks about Long ideas as apposed to Big ideas, and asks "what if big ideas don't spark conversations anymore" etc. etc. on the same theme, you know the kind of thing.

Now, I've never met Jon, but from a cursory glance at his mug shot he seems like a pretty normal chap - long hair, beard, quizzical expression - so I start to wonder if I'm being taken in by a very clever piece of satire. You know, taking a very clever swipe at the kind of bullshit being spouted by so-called advertising and marketing experts. It's extremely well observed satire and very finely crafted if it is. And funny.

But then again, maybe he's being serious.
Maybe he believes what he's saying here, or believes other people will believe it?

So I was hoping you, our fine reader could help me out.
Is this the best piece of advertising satire in the last couple of years, or is it serious?


  1. Big or long, eh. Surely it's the woman's prerogative to decide?

    Here's the link btw: http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/news/966872/Work-Private-view/?DCMP=ILC-SEARCH

    Sadly, I don't think he's joking.

    Suggesting the Heinz commercial is somehow backwards or short sighted cos you can't text "Beanz pleaz" to a f*cking Twitter feed and win beans for life or something is like saying Durham cathedral is the worst bridge ever made.

  2. I think this guy is saying ads can only be good if you get a chance to win stuff.Like some sort of online raffle. If heinz had have had an option text 'beanz' to win free toast for life then he probably would have liked it.

    its all nonsense, all of it.

    from uasq (name has been made into an anagram, to make this post less one sided more interactive)

  3. Didn't he once get trapped onstage in a pod during 'Rock n Roll Creation'?

  4. I have a question and please excuse my advertising ignorance, but what the hell is a 'Chief Creative officer'??

  5. I think it's like a Chief Petty Officer, but with a better laptop. And expenses.


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