Airbrushed for change

This is the new campaign for the Conservatives, or more specifically for 'your mate Dave'. It's been in the news for it's over-zealous use of airbrushing on Dave's face. And because Dave's not wearing a tie either.

We seen it and thought it would be great to do a spoof, but we were beaten to it by And now Andy Barefoot's made it even easier to create your own with this online app. So, here's a few of our faves so far.

Have you seen any better ones?


  1. Just saw one of these on my home. I find it quite freaky and unsettling, and not in a way the Conservatives would like.

  2. That retouching is unreal. Literally, it makes him look unreal.

  3. there is a 48 sheet in wandsworth.
    i want to draw a little hitler tash on his smug fucking cgi face.


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