Confused New TV ads's new advertising campaign kindly informs me that any money I save by using their insurance comparison website can be spent on items like a pair of jeans, a guitar or a tennis racket. Thanks!

Without that helpful reminder I would have been putting any savings I made towards a barium enema or a job lot of Andrews Liver Salts.

Now, there's nowt really wrong with these executions [as you would expect from BMB they're well put together]. It's the strategy behind them and core message that will limit their effectiveness as pieces of advertising.

Using your advertising to communicate that you can make savings by going online and using a comparison website is hardly a revelation or new news for people. It's a generic benefit in a relatively mature market that's already widely understood by anyone with half a brain.

The question isn't why would you go to a comparison website. It's which one are you going to use when it's time to switch on your computer and renew your insurance.

This market is all about a battle for front of mind. Salience is king in the insurance game.

That's why the Meerkat was born. That's why that fat bastard opera singer was inflicted upon us. That's why we had to endure Michael Winner. That's why a big red telephone with wheels came racing onto our screen. Oh yes! that's why a nodding Geordie bulldog was used. That's why some Aussie gals in pink spangly clothes and a big pink car sang a little ditty. You get the picture.

You know the brands I'm talking about even though I haven't actually mentioned them by name. That's because their advertising has burnt them into our memories.

I doubt whether this new campaign for Confused will do the same thing or have the same staying power [It's a big shame really, as their brand name is such a gift].


  1. Viewed from stateside, it seems like a less memorable mashup of Geico's "15 minutes could save you 15% or more" and "That's the money you could be saving with Geico".

  2. Actually, as you say, their brand name is doing all their work for them. I've heard lots of people say 'I'm a bit' so it's already in people's conscience without the need of a guy with a corrugated moustache.


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