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Continuing our theme of featuring high budget, technique based credit card commercials that fleetingly feature a glimpse of what they're supposed to be advertising, here's the latest magnum opus from Visa. As a piece of film it's undeniably really well shot and entertaining. As a well branded commercial that contains a truly motivating, meaningful and differentiating message for Visa? Hmmm, I'm not so sure. A penny for your thoughts, dear readers?


  1. Sponsored football-related entertainment.

  2. To be honest, I'm confused. Is this the same people as the man who goes to work on a helter sketler?

    But woddoweyeknow? I'm Just Some Guy.

  3. you can run but you can't hide?

  4. Funny football thing. Insert sponsor company. Job done. Who cares whether it works anyway?

  5. I find that life flows better with Special Brew rather than Visa

  6. That or Buckfast.

  7. WTF? Man, if that's the best you can do with a client and budget like that, you're either a fool, or have a fool for a client.

  8. For me the problem is that they have nothing really to say. A credit card is a credit card is a credit card. They are trying to invent an 'ownable' property, and it seems that Barclaycard with 'Water slide' and Visa with 'Running man' have both got the same strategy. Life is easy and smooth when you have credit card and can buy whatever you want without any fear of the consequences, until one day a teenager in Argos says 'I'm sorry sir but your card has been refused' and you realise that you have been led into temptation too damn far, and it's all gone. Gone. Gone I tell you, and now your credit rating is fucked and you can no longer rely on this evil piece of plastic, and life comes to a stop, and you have to sit at home weeping all day remembering the glory days of times gone by!

    Still, on the bright side, they are both great to look at, beautifully filmed with cool music.

    Unfortunately, because they are both so similar, nobody can remember whose is whose.

  9. i dont like the fact he goes from fat to skinny!

  10. it makes no sense, cant see the connection to credit cards or why he starts running.
    but its good fun to watch, pixies are awesome. I like it. i wish there where more ads like this, like this but without any end frame or logo or product, then the breaks wouldn't be so annoying

  11. Now I'm confused - lost in the whole Visa/Barclay/Mastercard continuum. Two of them "flow" yeah? But this one runs like the other one did, on the way to that wedding?

    Which one makes cripples dance then?

    "Making life flow better? Priceless."

  12. i think you may be missing a small point about the target market for this commercial.

    the ad is aimed at the 30 or so men who decide what clearance company they use for their credit cards.

    they're not aimed at the general public.

    they look good, so we're not offended by them.

    but when did you ever make a decision between mastercard and visa? never. because it's not your decision to make.

    just sit back and enjoy, this sales message isn't for you.

  13. Seems to me that poor communication and lack of differentiation is a problem whether your audience is ten million people or two people.

    Thanks for stopping by, Mr Legs.

  14. not if the differentiation is "we can get you a box at the world cup"


  15. Agreed.

    But why waste money on an ad in that case? That money could be better spent on 'entertainment' surely?

  16. those bankers want to see you investing in the brand they're investing in.

    big tv ad and big sponsorship event equals big brand in my eyes (thinks mr banker)

    anyone else had their bank supplied mastercard replaced with a visa recently?

    just like when we do a campaign for bread. it can be as much about the supermarket feeling that a brand is being invested in, as it being a consumer facing piece of communication.

    no one wants their bread de-listed!

  17. Of course, Mr Legs, basic FMCG listing tactics. But then we come full circle back the beginning, which is a discussion of how well the ad is performing at its task. Sliding, gliding, flowing, visa, mastercard, barclays, men with beards, men with crutches, men on rollercoasters, men on unicycles, there's an element of confusion and potentially a lack of a clear differentiation, which I think some of the commenters were pointing out. I don't think you have to be in the target market to do that. I'm probably not in the market for adult nappies, but I could give you an opinion on whether I think an adult nappy ad is doing a good job or not. Probably.

    Personally I'll take 'life flows better with buckfast'.

  18. agree, but you still have to critique it from the point of view of the target.

    as i said, 6 british banks have switched to Visa being their clearance provider. that's probably 99% down to Visas sponsorship.(me being cynical)

    now, as for the advert on it's own. it backs up the sponsorship, doesn't necessarily tell me anything different to barclaycard, but then why would i care about that if i was Visa. after all, that cool new barclaycard is provided by Visa.
    and in terms of entertainment, i saw a bloke in the pub do the knee celebration back from the bar, holding 4 pints, just after seeing the ad. so, i think people don't hate it. so big tick all round i'd say.

  19. Yes, I vote we give it an award - a big shiny gold one.
    How about a golden duck?

  20. more like the golden prawn sandwich!

  21. life


    who life is in this advert?


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