Spice Is Nice

Old Spice. Synonymous with Gerald going down to the conservative club in his Rover 3000. Anyway. Wieden & Kennedy over in the States have been doing an excellent job of flogging this stuff through the good old-fashioned medium of television, and this is the newest ad. Fresh, very well written, cast, shot, and it's fun, and ooh, look over there, the product has centre stage. Catch up Britain. Great stuff. Hats off to all involved.
Me? I prefer to smell like a laydeee.



  1. I've used Old Spice since I was old enough to shave. My friends used to ridicule me, saying it was an old man's fragrance. But the ladies who got very close always remarked that it reminded them of their fathers. Which is one foot in the door in my book. I always thought that would be a good premise for an ad.

  2. I was always a 'Brut' kinda guy. Although I did have a brief infatuation with Insignia.

  3. Time to bring back High Karate me thinks!
    Now that would be a brief.


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