New Marmite Ads

Each one of these great new Marmite ads has caught my eye on my walk from the station to the agency every day. There's a confidence and knowingness to these executions which is spot on for the brand. Another 'back of the net' effort from DDB. Top marks to them for keeping this campaign fresh and relevant.


  1. I'm all for dickin' around in new areas, but when a laundry detergent and a food product are within the same kinda puts me of eating in general. Maybe that's the ick factor they're going for?

    The Sarsons vinegar/perfume ad is a sweet example of a well framed ad because it compares quality without having an actual perfume product in shot.

    'That maybe too far' is a great area. I just feel the potential of products made from marmite hasn't gone far enough.

    A mundane attempt at cutting through.

  2. I guess that's the thing about these, you either love 'em or you...

  3. The Spoof campaign is being supported by direct marketing and sales promotions including spoof Marmite toothpaste packs, which inside will actually include a sample of the cereal bar, along with two discount coupons, one for a Marmite cereal bar and the other for a tube of toothpaste. Consumers can choose which coupon to use depending on whether they love or hate the product.

    Now that is brilliant. BUT. And it is a BIG BUT. Consumers are meant to be invited to visit the Marmite Facebook page to register their love or hate.

    But where is it? Search for Marmite Cereal Bar in Google and come out top, but has no mention of cereal bars! There's also no sign of the Facebook page, just copious advertising blogs like this discussing the ads.

    Now the buzz these ads have created is great and just goes to show if you do something creative and different it will work (my Mrs even searched for it online after seeing one of the ads, and she never does anything like that!).

    But why didn't they do a microsite like

    Missed opportunity.

  4. I never understand how these campaigns work - do people actually visit product websites/ facebook pages to register their opinion? I never understand why - it's such an obvious way of companies skimming information.

  5. Very good observation Rols. My personal opinion is that they know they have been always balancing on such a thin line with their adverts..take the Marmart adverts with Mouriniho,France, Mr Bean etc and now the detergent,perfume so on..I think they are afraid of failure. If the product does'nt sell well they will just withdraw it from the market and no big buzz..No facebook page to be deleted..No website to put down and No customers wondering why is not there any more. If you don't find Marmite bars tomorrow in your local shop you will say :"ok the grocer is not stocking the product and you will think of searching for it somewhere else" ...and you didn't think it was a failure..


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