Labour's Competition-Winning Poster

This is the poster that was chosen as the winner of the Labour cloud-sourcing-crowd-sourcing-or-as-people-born-before-1985-with-a-hatred-of-bullshit-would-call-it, poster competition.

We know quite a lot of you are advertising/marketing/design professionals or students, so - what do you think?

PS There is a rather amusing/embarrassing video that accompanies it here, but don't let on that we sent you.


  1. Lol! I'm always bemused when I hear Cameron talk about the recession, the 80's become that big pink elephant in the room that they seem to totally ignore and are hoping no-one remembers.

    I think it's a funny ad. I would want to go back in time and buy a brand new one of those Audis though :)

  2. The poster is ok, not knockout. The publicity around the whole thing probably it makes it worthwhile.

  3. Agree with above really. Poster is ok, nothing to write home about - just a big PR exercise as far as I can see. Labour get free publicity out of it, Saatchi's get to say that they're cutting edge because they used. ahem 'crowd-sourcing'.

    Weren't the 80s really good for a lot of people?

  4. Film made me angry. Poster made me shrug.

    My favourite bit is when aspiring 20something creative announces "When I think about the 80s, I think of crap cars and Rubik's cubes", like Brian Sewell being asked to clean a toilet. "1980s? Oh, simply dreadful! My mother had an Austin Metro when I was 4!"

  5. Nothing to write home about if you ask me.


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