Advertising Phrases That Are Overused To The Point Of Meaninglessness

1. Out now!
2. Hurry while stocks last.
3. The easy way to...
4. Money back guarantee.
5. The art of...
6. The all new...
7. Built around you/designed around you
8. The ... people
9. Available in all good stores.
10. As seen on TV
11. you don't have to.
12. Your... just got a little more...
13. Closing down sale
14. At... we're passionate about...
15. Nobody does... like...
16. New and improved.
17. Tomorrow's technology today.
18. In these tough financial times...
19. Now with antioxidentpantipepsidides.
20. The home of...
21. Ask in store for details...
22. 'Quality'
23. The complete...
24. ...experience...
26. There is another way.
27. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better.
28. New recipe.
29. You'll wish you...
30. You won't believe your eyes.
31. Don't take our word for it.
32. We must be mad!
33. You'd be mad not to.
34. First come first served.
35. Hurry, while stocks last.
36. Offer applies to one per household.
37. Don't miss out.

Any more?


  1. "Available in all good stores..."

    I like this one especially. Because it implies that the stores that don't stock [whatever the hell it is they're selling] are, by definition, 'bad'.

  2. "As seen on TV" Just because you can afford TV advertising doesn't mean your product is any good!

  3. you don't have to

  4. Good ones. I'll add them to the list.

  5. Your ... just got a little more ...

  6. 'closing down sale'

    'at....we're passionate about....'


    'at....we understand the credit crunch hasn't been easy, so to help hard working families, we're dropping our prices..'

  7. Oh, I forgot:

    "New and improved"

    A particular pet peeve of mine, because a thing can only ever be new OR improved.
    If it's new, it's new.
    If it's improved, it's an old thing made better.

  8. 'Tomorrows technology today.'
    'In these tough financial times...'
    'Now with antioxidentpantipepsidides'

  9. "The home of...."
    "Ask your/in store... for details"
    Anything that mentions "quality"
    "The complete..."

    (Those last two make me want to shit knives - "Discover the home of complete quality and experience... for yourself" etc. ARGHGGGH!!!!)

    Basically, most retail ads.

  10. there is another way

  11. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better.
    New Receipe.
    You'll wish you....
    You wont believe your eyes.
    Dont take our word for it.
    We must be mad ! (yeah right, you crazy bonkers lots you)
    You'd be mad not to.
    First come first served.
    Hurry!. while stocks last.
    Offer applies to one per household.
    Dont miss out.

  12. "Yeah, it's that..."


    Both good ideas the first time they were used, but now so very overdone and trite.

  13. Headlines that start
    "Who said.....?"
    "just when you thought....."

  14. I like "there is another way" above - you can always spot when that one's coming.

    A new favourite from the Apple camp: "This changes everything"

  15. What are you waiting for?

    Bang and the grime is gone!

    OK maybe not the second one.


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