Whole Foods Commercials

This a great campaign of commercials by the talented guys over at The Escape Pod in Chicago, for Whole Food Market. I love the honesty of them, and the way you get a real passion and energy for the product coming through. One of the hardest things for ad people to do these days it seems is to get out of the way of the product. Creatives and agencies seem to want to sell their own so-called cleverness instead of the product. But here is a perfect example of just how proper advertising creative makes the product the hero. People talking to camera about the product is sometimes still the best advertising creativity. Well done chaps.
You should check out their blog too.


  1. thanks for the kind words sell sell. our only goal here was to capture the essence of whole foods. the best ad for whole foods is whole foods.

  2. No worries Vinnie. Nice one.


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