10 Imaginary Summer Fiction Book Titles

The Portuguese Lute
Ten Days In Iberia
The Conquistador's Daughter
Mary Chesterton
That's Because of You
A Journey From Macedonia
A Clock For Eternity
The Forbidden Chantuese
The Dog Breeder's Acquaintance
Knowing Sebastian

Any suggestions?


  1. From 30 Rock, but great: The Rural Juror.

    How about: The Adjective Abstract Noun.

  2. The Man With The Ukrainian Pyjamas.

  3. The Spartacus Complex
    I Made It With Kate
    My Mate Jake
    Buffalo Moonshine
    The Calligraphy Teacher
    Getting Over Jerry

  4. Rufus Hound's Facial Hair23 July 2010 at 19:04

    The Banjo Maker
    The Fourth Armageddon
    Paris On My Mind
    The Shoes Fit
    The Gentle Gentile
    Shoe Shopping For Beginners


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