Being A Dickhead's Cool

Something fun for a Friday, from The Grand Spectacular. Have a good weekend.


  1. Oh, i really want to learn the chords for this song!!
    It would be awesome if i could play this song on the malmo-pride parade!

  2. Syntet - chords are C,Am,G,F for this song ;)

  3. And oh crap they have merch now...

  4. Syntet, the chords are C, Am, E, F (not G!).

    They are the chords for the verse and chorus.

    The pre-chorus is E, F, A, G. It's pretty easy to work out by ear really. Enjoy!

  5. Anonymous - Praise the lord!
    Thank you so much for the chords!
    Sadly the pride-parade is long gone, but I'll probably play it at many parties!
    Thank you!!

    James - We must be on our watch for those damn hipsters, or else they'll soon control the world>:C


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