Brian's Letter On The Radio

Good old Brian has made it onto the radio. We had a note from CBC in Canada last week, just checking the origin of the Brian Letter. They've used it in a radio show/blog/podcast they broadcast last week about co-creation, including a funny bit of narration of the letter. If you're interested, you can listen to it here (scroll down the page to the title Co-creation Use & Abuse and click the podcast player).

Incidentally, Brian also made it into Campaign Magazine, obviously before its origin was common knowledge...


  1. This is really funny, the cbc interview was funny aswell. I think the letter from Brian was great, but I find it slightly strange that it seems that Brians thoughts were a surprise to anyone. Does ad land really think that people have time to participate in stuff, when it seems like they can barely concentrate long enough to watch the whole way through an ad. Anyway good work, look forward to next prank!


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