Early Learning Centre Campaign

These ads have been on the box for a little while now and never fail to make me chuckle. As a parent, I think they're bang on. Good writing. Excellent voiceover. Engaging and charming. It's a really simple and strong campaign idea that has the power to run and run. Let's hope it does. It also goes to show that you don't have to break the bank to come up with a great commercial. Top marks to those kool kats at Karmarama.


  1. I agree - I absolutely love 'em. Nice, simple idea well executed. Congrats to the client too for not taking an obvious path.

  2. But what is the Early Learning Centre?

    Is it a school? A line of kids' toys? Something else?

    The ad doesn't make it clear.

  3. this is sooooo good.

    love 'em.


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