New John Lewis Christmas Ad

Warms the cockles of your heart.


  1. I really like this.

    I blogged recently about TV ads ( saying they should either sell like hell or be lovely.

    This one is definitely lovely.

  2. It is indeed. I just read your post Mark, I'm not sure I completely agree with it. It sounds like you're saying all telly ads that work are either charmless hard-sell ads, or lovingly crafted mini-movies with a bit of branding. I do agree that most TV fail miserably at being good ads though.

  3. I sicked-up all over my shoes.

  4. What is interesting to me is you know it is a John Lewis ad very quickly for some reason. I'd accept payment in John Lewis vouchers, it's like currency in my house.
    Nathan - get well soon

  5. Possibly the best retail ads ever. And not a map, price-point, car parking capacity, or tired logo in sight.


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