Merry January. The Results Are In...

Today is Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Wait, come back. Apparently Blue Monday was completely made-up for some PR thing. However, we organised Merry January back in December as a small way of brightening up everyone's January. And what better day to draw the winners than today?

So, earlier on, in a completely sterilised environment, adjudicated by the spirit of Norris McWhirter, the draw was made. And we are delighted to announce the winners here.

First of all, a big thanks to all that entered, and to everyone who sent pleasant messages thanking us for making the normally depressing month of January just a little more exciting.

The winners (drum roll)...

A night for two at the Hemel Hempsted Travelodge: Winner - Mark Earls 

A screen-printed poster by excellent illustrator and
friend of Sell! Sell! Andy Smith : Winner - Richard Alan Roberts

A pair of excellent books ...And The Truth Shall Set You Free  by David Icke, and Positioning by Ries and Trout: Winner - Dave Buonaguidi

A luxury Cheese & Spanners Hamper: Winner - Gordon Comstock

Two packs of excellent Howdoos personalisable business cards from our friends at Delicious Industries: Winner - Rob Silsbury

A bag containing all of the needles that fell off the Sell! Towers Christmas tree: Winner - Ben Kay

A dance at the prestigious Browns Gentleman's Venue: Winner - Seyoan Vela

A crate of Hollows Superior Alcoholic Ginger Beer: Winner - Tim Hearn

A genuine Wedgewood Charles & Camilla commemorative plate: Winner - Eliza Williams

The top shelf of spirits from City General Store round the corner: Winner - James Bickerton

Congratulations to the winners. Especially you Seyoan, a more worthy recipient we could not have fabricated. We'll be in touch to arrange delivery of your prizes soon.


  1. Go on Ben, tell me that didn't make your January...

  2. Patrick Morrison17 January 2011 at 22:54

    Love this idea
    I am glad in this instance that the deserving have triumphed

  3. It strikes me that this is damn fix.

  4. the thing about this idea, is that when you dont win it seems to make this most depressing of all days, just that little bit more depressing... i also demand a recount!!

    from steven qua

  5. Steve, for some the glass is half empty. For some it is half full. For others... it is sour.

    (Don't worry, we have a special prize for you all lined for when you come in next.)

  6. Holy Cow! Just saw this! I am fucking delighted!

    Where are my cheese and spanners!

  7. Your delight in turn delights us, Mr. Comstock. We will be in touch in due course to arrange delivery of said booty.

  8. Party at mine then :-)

    Thank you very, very....very much and congrats to everyone else


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