My Favourite Writing #2: Drayton Bird

As our regular reader will know, it’s our belief that regardless of strategy, creativity and the creative crafts ultimately make the difference between great advertising and not-so-great advertising. And none more so than great writing. Regardless of media or technology, great writing is still the most powerful tool available to the marketer and advertiser. So we've been asking people who’s opinions we respect to tell us their favourite three pieces of advertising writing. And thankfully most of them didn't tell us to fuck off. We’re running them as an irregular series, today's is #2 with selections from Drayton Bird...

“There are so many pieces of advertising I admire that it’s hard to single out just three. However, these will have to do for a start. They are all beyond logic. Harvey Probber – If your Harvey Probber chair wobbles, straighten your floorThe Harvey Probber because I worked for that agency, PKL. It conveys in a heartbeat what a well-made chair means. Chivas – ‘Because’ The Chivas because it goes straight to the heart. Lennen & Mitchell – ‘Find the man!’ The Lennen & Mitchell because it expresses the great truth about this business. It is all about people. I once did a one hour speech to Ogilvy heads of office based on that ad.”

Thanks Drayton!

My Favourite Writing #1: Mark Denton

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  1. Nice.

    One of my favourite lines was from a 70's press ad for Grundig TV's.

    "Smart people don't watch TV, this is what they don't watch it on"


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