This Job Is Not For You

We're looking for someone to be an account/project manager at Sell! Towers.
This job is not for everyone.
In fact it's probably not for you.
You see, advertising creates a lot of people these days who are content to be the cogs of process.
We don't have any need for cogs of process.
We find processes boring and time-consuming.
They get in the way of doing stuff.
What we like is action.
So we're looking for someone who likes to make things happen.
And has the energy and force of personality to actually do it.
Someone with up to two years experience as a project manager or account manager, but no more.
We don't want bad habits.
We need someone who will pick up the phone and make things happen.
Not send an email and leave the responsibility in someone else's lap.
We need someone who knows what makes advertising great rather than okay.
Who has opinion.
And isn't afraid to voice that opinion.
Someone who is happy to never take the easy way out.
Because we never do.
We always do what we think is right to achieve what the client wants to achieve.
So we need someone who knows the difference between what someone wants, and what someone needs.
Who is already thinking one step ahead and how to get the right solution bought.
A person who is equally happy dealing with kings and with peasants.
Who won't be intimidated by strong characters.
But most of all, someone who we actually want to be part of our day.
Who knows how to laugh.
And make others laugh.
Is interested
And interesting.
Who is a person.
Not an ad drone.
These kinds of people don't grow on trees.
Or on other kinds of plants.
We know that.
In the next few days we'll be posting up an application form.
If you think this job is for you, keep your eye out for it.
But trust us, it probably isn't.

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  1. wow and yupe this probably isn't for me. i am not delusional. this i know.


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