Liberate Your Member, And Other Spam Email Headlines

Say what you like about spam emails, but they know how to conjure a benefit into a headline. Ish. We must have received a hundred variations on the "Make your knob bigger" theme alone. Here we have picked out a few for your amusement and delectation.

Bring ardor to your love life
Best manhood augmentors
Lack of mojo in pants?
Feel the carnal impulse
Your rod will stay
Best for wang augmentation
Make her pleasure terrific
Give her more hot emotions
Feel the amatory impulse
Try for amazing love power
Girls remain dry with you?
Protect your bed desire
Best for your nimrod

And my personal favourite:

Like exclusive things? Then shop accessories here!. Replica Chanel watches of all models are sold in our store cheaper.


  1. The best one I ever got said "These watches are not fakes! They are genuine replicas!"

  2. That is BRILLIANT.
    My favourite is the delightfully accusatory 'Girls remain dry with you?' Really hits home.
    I'd wager a planner's been involved here, nailing that consumer insight.


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