Amazing New Creative Awards Unveiled!

The Fantastic New Award
An amazing new creative award has been unveiled by a leading creative awards scheme. The award will be to recognise all those entrants who paid to enter, but didn't win, or get nominated or shortlisted.

A spokesman said "We like to encourage the creative communities to send us many thousands of pounds in exchange for things to put on their shelves. Unfortunately, no matter how many new categories and awards we keep adding, not everyone can win. This can lead to disappointment, and we would hate for people to stop sending their many thousands of pounds. So we came up with the idea of this award, so that everyone who enters can put something on their shelves to impress people. By the way, have you booked a table yet? Only ten thousand pounds!"

The award will be known as The Yellow Shavings.


  1. This made me lol, as the kids say.

  2. Satire about creative awards. You're taking on the untouchable there.

  3. D&AD have only just gone and nicked your idea. They'll probably give themselves a pencil slice/shaving for doing so too.

  4. What he said.

    Sad old D&AD.


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