IPA and News International Fast Strategy App

I was interested to learn that the IPA and News International have launched the industry's first iPad and iPhone app for planning and strategising types to help them "move forward when they are staring at a blank page or drowning in data".

Given the involvement of News International, I was surprised to find out that "hack into the phones of all the key players in your market and intercept their voicemail to find out anything that might give you a competitive edge" wasn't included as a useful tip.

I'm not denying the value of the app, especially for those who are wet behind the ears [or those who don't have anything in between their ears] but my overall impression is that alongside some genuinely helpful pieces of advice there's quite a lot of platitudes masquerading as wisdom.

In my opinion the compilation of these tips and hints could have done with much better quality control.  And more creative people should have been quoted too.

If anyone knows how to move forward when staring at a blank page it's that lot.

Anyway, you can download it here and judge for yourself.  Let us know if it works.


  1. "....quite a lot of platitudes masquerading as wisdom." That sums up the state of planning and strategy in British advertising pretty succinctly.

  2. Oh dear. Oh dear. Laughably bad concept and execution.

  3. Hey, thanks for posting about the IPA app. The idea is that this is the start and you're totally right, it's not just for planners and strategists. We'd love more creative input. Something you'd be able to help with? Anyone can upload a tip. Our quality control at the start is the IPA strategy group and then once the tip is uploaded, they are all ranked and rated so that you can start to see quickly which people think are the most useful one.
    It would be great to get any tips from you guys.

  4. Ha, the thinking that ad agencies now spend the most time and budget on, now available as an app. Priceless.

    Time agencies went back to accepting that creative is their big product. You can't put that in an app. Or at least I'd like to see them try.


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