My Favourite Writing #5: Vinny Warren

As our regular reader will know, it’s our belief that regardless of strategy, creativity and the creative crafts ultimately make the difference between great advertising and not-so-great advertising. And none more so than great writing. Regardless of media or technology, great writing is still the most powerful tool available to the marketer and advertiser. So we've been asking people who’s opinions we respect to tell us their favourite three pieces of advertising writing. And thankfully most of them didn't tell us to fuck off. We’re running them as an irregular series. Today's is number five, with selections from Vinny Warren...

“I’m not the type of person who ranks things. I am not a ranker!

But since I’ve been forced to do it, I immediately asked myself for the first three things that popped into my head.

And this is what came to mind.

The first one needs no introduction. I remember standing on the tube platform in central London when this poster first appeared. There was a knot of people standing in front of it laughing hysterically. For a poster? Wow.

Whoever wrote this knew what he/she was doing.

Honda Grrr has to be one of the freshest things ever done in advertising. Think about it. They’re selling diesel engines. How sexy does that sound? And then they go and produce that?

And it’s a song. And Garrison Keillor is no George Michael.

And it’s a hundred and twenty seconds of trippy animation. Which had to be a monstrous pain in the arse to produce.

My imaginary hat is well and truly off to WK London for that one.

Berries and Cream. How can you not love this idea?

I’d love to say that I would have instantly approved this idea but I’m not so sure. Which is why I love it. It’s just daft.

Hundreds of millions of lives were slightly brightened by watching this piece of branded silliness.

And they had the balls to take the most uncool thing in the world - a fucking jingle - and make it cool.”

Thanks Vinny.

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  1. Berries and Cream is a work of monumental genius.

  2. Like.

  3. That Economist ad is what made me want to get into advertising in the first place.

  4. Economist is genius, er no, that's Guinness.

  5. John W, I think you'll find that Guinness is 'Pure' genius. Or was at least.

    Nice choices Vinny. That Economist ad is rightly still held up as one of the best posters ever.


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