The Truth About Online Advertising

Funny graphic by Anna Rose Kerr over on her blog...


  1. I want to know what people are in the tiny slither of pink group on the left?

  2. I guess 'people looking for free pornography'?

  3. Witty and probably true, but why are you and so many cynics obsessed with clicks? Surely online, like poster advertising, has value in building brands, don't you think?

  4. Cynics? How very dare you?
    Sure, banners build brands.
    Of course.
    So do those 2x2 ads in the bottom corner of local newspapers.

  5. May I suggest it needs another bubble, to denote banner ads deliberately clicked.

    Or maybe it is already there but so small I need an electron microscope to see it.

  6. that pink group on the left?
    oh, that's easy.

    it's those people who accidentally drop cups of coffee on keyboard after rhino ran by their window chased by mad giraffe's gang with Kalashnikovs, followed by ice cream truck and supermodels in ballet dresses.
    it's them.
    trust me, I know.

  7. Looks funny and true. Still it's a pity. Banners can be effective if done wisely.


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