The New Copy Book. The D&AD Done Good.

I give the D&AD a fair amount of stick, for what I think are the right reasons (Branding 2.0? Rilly?). But this post is to praise them heartily for something. The new Copy Book.

I remember poring over the original one for hours and hours on end in previous agencies, and I've been trying to get hold of a copy for Sell! Towers for quite a while.

It has a great cover design by Paul Belford and This Is Real Art, and contains the most comprehensive collection of great advertising writing that you'll find anywhere. For all writers, a must. For young writers, especially so. And for anyone who is involved in the commissioning or creating of advertising it really is worthy of your time.

Nice one D&AD.

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  1. Oh how much I miss long copy in ads.

    Please world, bring it back.

  2. Woorrrrrrrlds

    (see Stuart Harkness' My Favourite Writing)


    Amazon says no. Well the review does anyway.

  4. It's all about the 'author's photos' eh?


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