Wacky Packaging. It's Wackaging.

Our good friend Jim sent us a link to this blog, Wackaging. It's dedicated to sharing those increasingly lame attempts by some companies to be cute and wacky on their packaging. Of course, having a tone of voice for your brand is important, and communicating things in engaging, funny, human ways can be lovely. But there's fine line between that and just being a bit annoying, and clearly the people behind the blog are finding a lot of it to be the latter. But, if it was easy to get right, no one would need good copywriters, right? To be fair, I think that Innocent tend to get it spot on, it's the host of me-too brands trying to jump on the happy-clappy bandwagon that probably are making it feel a bit tedious. Have a look and see what you think.

Article from yesterday's Times T2

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