Peter the Signwriter of Spitalfields

There's a cracking 2 part article over on Spitalfields Life, here & here about Peter Hardwicke, one of London's last signwriters. If you've been down Columbia Road or around Brick Lane recently you'll no doubt have seen his work adorning many of the independent shops. It's great to read that there's a real demand for his craft in London at the minute, we can't help but think Britain’s soulless High Streets would be a lot more attractive if they had some of his timeless signwriting to brighten them up.

You can check out more of Peter's work on the flickr.



  1. Signwriting makes the world a better place - if only everyone appreciated this kind of craft.

    I fear a rant coming on - so will leave now.

  2. Yes, Peter's work is very fine. A few years back, just up the road, Bob and Roberta Smith did some work reviving the large scale wall advertising.

  3. Love that there are still people doing this. I used to watch an old guy called Moose doing the signwriting around Manchester years ago - such a great skill that sadly seems to be a dying art :(

  4. Awesome work peter would love to see more :)


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