The Ads Of Ron Collins

Damon Collins has created a site to share some of the print work of his late father (and advertising legend) Ron Collins. "He's best known for his television writing for the likes of Texaco (the one with Morcambe and Wise and James Hunt), Cinzano (the one with Leonard Rossitter and Joan Collins), Carling Black Label ("I bet he drinks Carling Black Label") and Qualcast lawnmowers ("It's a lot less bovver than a hovver"). But he was also a gifted print art director. These are a few of his pieces of work."

I'm a big fan of the advertising work of this era, it always seems more succinct, witty, sharp, and hardworking than the work of today. These are superbly crafted ads, well worth a look HERE.

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  1. He obviously believed that "sex sells." Or maybe he just figured out a way to get to see a lot of naked birds? Hey, whatever works. Lucky dog.


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