Colonel Sanders on "What's My Line?"

This isn't some sort of bizarre spoof.  It's an episode of "What's My Line" from way back in '63.

Seems incredible that there was a time when the iconic "Colonel" [and man most associated with having his face on a bucket] ever went unrecognised.

For those who can't be arsed to watch all the way through, my favourite question in this clip come at 4mins 15 seconds.

Panellist: "It is used at cocktail parties, Colonel?"

Col. Sanders: "Yes, it could be".

That's some classy cocktail party, Colonel.

Anyhow, the whole thing made me realise again what a great advertising property "Finger Lickin' Good" was.  Also made me wonder how he always kept his suits so spotlessly white what with all that fried chicken around.

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  1. Wool in the winter
    Cotton in the summer.

    He was a pretty interesting character - went completely Tom Waits broke at 60 and hit the road with his welfare cheque selling his chicken recipe. He would later sue KFC.


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