Sweet Treats From Down Under

Today at Sell! Towers we received this rather nice parcel of antipodean sweets from smashing friends of Sell! Sell! Anna Rose Kerr and RubbishMASSIVEPRAWNScorp, in New Zealand. Rather predictably, we sampled them all straight away, and now feel a bit sick. It is odd what other countries class as acceptable confectionery (the US being the worst offender of all). Also, what kind of name is Pineapple Lumps? Lumps?

MADE FOR MOUTHS – We’re fairly sure that isn’t a Droga5 tagline, but we can’t be certain.

Anyway, thanks guys.

We think it's worth reiterating at this point that we're always open to impromptu deliveries of confectionery. The weirder the better.

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