Rejection can be a funny thing

Not a day seems to pass without us receiving a speculative application or three from someone looking for a job which we do not have or internship which we do not run.

Believe it or not, a shockingly large percentage of these are untailored blanket emails addressed "Dear Sir or Madam" banging on at length about why it would be great for them to work at Sell! Sell! rather than succinctly explaining why it would be great for us for them to work here.

We tend to ignore any fruitcakes but we do try to courteously honour all reasonable approaches with a polite one or two line reply  However, nothing we've ever written comes close to these masterpieces of rejection.  I think we need to up our game.

Bonkers and encouraging
Rejection of rejection
Hunter S Thompson classic [more of an objection than rejection]

Stock response with a twist
Pulling no punches

Poetic and cutting

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  1. Sell! Sell!,

    Check out these rejections from poet and editor George Hitchcock who published (intermittently) a small magazine called "Kayak."

    Love your blog and your work.

    George "Ad Aged" Tannenbaum


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