Film Title Sequences

The other day and that, I was like totally watching Reservoir Dogs. I completely forgot how good that film was, from its fantastically simple plot, great casting, unexpected soundtrack and iconic title sequence. It got me thinking about the important role a title sequence plays towards the success of a film. It then got me thinking about some my favourite title sequences. I then started thinking of american style waffles, but thats another story.

Here is a small handful of my favourite film opening sequences, starting with Reservoir Dogs.

Dexter - A series about a Police blood spatter pattern analyst who leads a secret life of a serial killer. A clever little title sequence, similar to that of 'American Psycho'. Some really nice shots with some tasty, tasty murderous undertones.

Naked Gun - If you haven't seen the Naked Gun Films you are a boob.

Monsters inc - Some smooth, smooth jazz with a Saul Bass twist.

Lord of War - Wonderfully simple idea and good execution. Shame Nick Cage ruins it with his never-ending-forehead and by talking and stuff.

Last but not least, Foundation skateboards - That's Life. A really low budget sequence, restricted to the use of pre-recorded and pre-photographed content. This is a good example of how a great song can completely make a piece of film.


  1. this site is good

  2. The list could go on! One of my personal favourites..


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